In addition to importing and selling Neo-Laser products, we deliver laser-show services, logo design & upload and equipment hire.

Lasers which are kept in nightclubs and similarly hostile environments become dirty and the optics can become misaligned due to the vibration of loud music and changes in temperature. Some components which may wear out can be replaced. We can clean and service any brand of laser and look into the feasibility of making repairs. Please call to discuss your needs in more detail.

More info on decor, light & sound equipment hire and sales on the Clubtek site.

Special Effects - Film, Video & Photography Shoots

Expanding from the nightlife and party side of the entertainment business, Clubtek provides laser services to create special effects in shoots. The bright colours and shapes made by the laser can be controlled to contstruct interesting forms and they combine readily with digital image manipulation techniques to create spectacular effects.

Images on this row are by Peter Thiedeke: