The Clubtek partners have been providing services and equipment to the entertainment industry for over 10 years.

Our experience with lasers began with purchases for installations, shows and hire and we were operators of one of the first DPSS white light lasers in UK Clubs. Through many hours of programming and performing shows and in addition maintaining, repairing and even building lasers, we have developed an in-depth understanding from all points of view; design, construction and operation.

We have dealt with UK laser companies as well as manufacturers in Eastern Europe and China, and have come to importing to obtain good quality lasers at accessible prices. As well as the quality of the lasers themselves, it is important also to consider the manufacturer; laser technology changes rapidly, requiring constant investment and many companies have been here-today, gone-tomorrow.

Our choice to import the products of Neo-Laser is based on both the quality of the lasers and the status of the company that builds them.

For equipment hire, please see the main Clubtek site.